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Fish on! Leasing temporary quota and licenses in British Columbia has never been easier.

Gauge Current Market Prices

The bidding process will dictate fair market value.

Lease Species

List your licenses and temporary quota, or place bids for any BC commercial fishery.

Trustworthy Transactions

We vet each market participant and ensure trustworthy participants.

What type of temporary quota or license are you looking for?
Many commercial fisheries and species are available for bidding on.

How does it work?
We use an anonymous bidding system to foster the secure and fair exchange of licenses and temporary quota.


List temporary quota or licenses you want to lease in the marketplace and the bidding system will get you the best price possible.


Find the species you are needing to lease and bid on available temporary quota or licenses. We ensure equitable access and fair prices.


We connect the winning bidder and leaser so you can complete the transfer. A 2.5% transaction fee is charged.

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