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List of Fish Buyers in BC Commercial Fishing Industry

To help fishermen navigate the different fish buying companies in BC, we have compiled a list of ...

James DeGreef
Mar 14

Fun Yelloweye Rockfish Facts That Will Knock You Off Your Feet!

The yelloweye rockfish is the world’s longest-lived fish species and is prized for its delicious ...

Carly Paracholski
Oct 25

New Updates to SeafoodX to Enable an Open and Accessible Marketplace For BC Fishers

New updates to SeafoodX website based on user feedback. We appreciate all the interest and suppor...

James DeGreef
Jun 29

BC Halibut and Other Fish Prices and Quota Prices Down Considerably in 2018

The last three years of fish prices on the BC coast have been great. It has been really record br...

James DeGreef
May 07

Thank You for Supporting the Pacific Halibut Management Association (PHMA)

Another Halibut fishing season is soon upon us, open March 24th. Many fishing crews in communitie...

Carly Paracholski
Feb 20

Proposed Tax Changes - The death of family fishing operations?

If you work as a commercial fisher in BC you are most likely self-employed. These tax changes are...

Peter DeGreef
Oct 19

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14 (or 15) Facts You Didn’t Know About Sablefish

Sablefish, a highly lucrative commercial fishery and highly sought after dinner item at high-end ...

Peter DeGreef
Sep 22

Fish Farms in BC and the West Coast US

A review of pros, cons, and intricacies of the commercial fish farming industry on the west coast...

Carly Paracholski
Sep 14

Things You Didn't Know About Spring Salmon (Chinook) and the BC Commercial Fishery

Did you know chinook salmon are often referred as spring salmon because they return to rivers ear...

Carly Paracholski
Jul 11

Why We Created SeafoodX: An Interview With Peter DeGreef

Peter DeGreef was interviewed by the SeafoodX team, where he shared his mission and vision for th...

Juan Orrego
Jun 21

An Overview of Albion Farm & Fisheries with David Hounsell

SeafoodX had the opportunity to chat with David Hounsell from Albion Farms and Fisheries about th...

Juan Orrego
Jun 13

List of Salmon Buyers in BC Commercial Fishing Industry

To help Salmon fishers sell their catch for this season, we have organized a list of the main buy...

Kit Dean
Jun 07

Marine Protected Areas (Sponge Reefs) in the Hecate Straits

The recent fishery closures are having a deep impact on the industry and represent a threat to fi...

Peter DeGreef
Jun 02

BC Halibut Fishermen Accuse Global NEWS of Irresponsible Journalism

Halibut Industry Expert Chris Sporer, the Executive Manager of the Pacific Halibut Management Ass...

Carly Paracholski
May 07

Insights and Analysis of BC Halibut and the Fishery

With the start of the halibut season in British Columbia (Mid-March to Mid-November), seafood lov...

Juan Orrego
May 02

History and West Coast Pacific Halibut

The history of the IPHC and a lesson of sustainability

Peter DeGreef
Feb 18

SeafoodX at the BC Young Fisherman's Association

SeafoodX was lucky to be invited to listen, observe and present at the first BC Young Fisherman's...

Carly Paracholski
Feb 17

Welcome to SeafoodX

SeafoodX is a new online marketplace for BC commercial fishing. We aspire for the site to be easy...

James DeGreef
Feb 16