Hello and welcome to SeafoodX.

We have just launched an online marketplace for BC Commercial Fishermen.

Well, we are not taking any sign-ups to the site until March 1st.

And then the first couple months will be focused on on-boarding new users, providing training, and support. And, soon, we'll allow people to list licences and temporary quota, and start bidding.

But, the first big question is ... why are we doing SeafoodX?

Fishermen need licences and quota to fish in BC, and most do not own enough of either directly to put together a meaningful fishing season. So, they need to finance and lease temporary quota and licences from other fishermen, companies, and stakeholders.

The current market for licences and quota is very fragmented, with many disparate industry players up and down the coast. It isn’t obvious who has what licences and quota, whether they are available or not, what the prices are and other market data.

Find thing out takes lots of phone calls and emails, lots of patience, and is a time consuming burden on the industry. Often it is only the big fishing companies who have full-time staff dedicated to tracking and securing quota, with independent fishermen at a disadvantage.

Overall, this inefficient market is not good for business or the BC commercial fishing industry, and there needs to be a better way.

In all sorts of industries we see online marketplaces, where people are buying, trading, renting, and selling: books, cars, hotel rooms, the stock market, unique clothing items, local services, the list goes on.

Why not one to support the BC Commercial Fishing industry? Great question, and that is why we have put a team together, build, and are now launching SeafoodX.

With SeafoodX, we are introducing a number of innovative features to the market, including:

1 - A Bidding System similar to popular marketplace sites like Ebay. People can list their licences and temporary quotas on SeafoodX, and then everyone can bid and the win goes to the highest bidder within the listing timeframe.

2 - A Dashboard where you can track and manage your listings, bids, and transaction history.

3 - System Emails which are sent to you about new listings, how your bids are doing, when time is coming up on a listing, etc.

4 - Mobile Optimized Website so you can easily access SeafoodX when on the go and stay current with listings and bids, ensuring you don't miss out.

5 - Anonymity so we can safely list and make bids, and only the winning bidders information is provided to the lister upon winning the bid, to facilitate concluding the transaction.

We will provide other enhancements and technology innovations to the SeafoodX market place over the coming months, and much will be based on end-user feedback.

SeafoodX has a company behind it, and is lead by:

James DeGreef (myself) as CEO, and bringing to bare my web business experience and also fishing background to leading the site.

Peter DeGreef (my cousin) who is an avid commercial fishermen for halibut, black cod, and tuna. Peter is our Chief Market Officer and leads our efforts of outreach and engagement with key stakeholders.

James Addison is our Chief Technology Officer, and I have worked with "Addi" on a number of successful technology products. Addi leads our software engineering team, and does great tech work.

And, well, I won't name everyone here, but we have other great software engineers, web marketers, UI/UX designers, and a customer support team to help ensure a successful online marketplace, and grow it to meet many future needs.

We aim to be a very reachable company, and so if you have any thoughts, questions, or feedback, please do email us at: support@seafoodx.io and you'll hear from us.

Thank you everyone for your interest and support of SeafoodX, and this is just the very beginning.

Much more is planned in the pipeline and please do sign up.


James DeGreef