Salmon season is here! Various fishermen have been trading Spring Salmon quota on SeafoodX and in order to make the selling process easier, we have compiled a list of the top salmon buyers in the province, their contact information and key contacts:


1. 7Seas 

Founded in 1967, over the years 7Seas has grown to be a vertically integrated seafood company, with vessels, licenses, facilities, and restaurants.

Key Contact: Mike Heras


Phone: (604) 247-1266


2. Aero Trading

Established in 1978, Aero Trading is now one of the most diversified wild seafood buyers and processors on the B.C. Coast. Their dedication and service to fishermen and their customer base has allowed them to grow and remain successful in the industry.

Key Contact: Brad Mirau


Phone: (250) 802-3024

3. Canadian Fishing Company (CANFISCO)

Canfisco is a Vancouver based, fully-integrated fishery products organization. The company is the largest packer of canned salmon in all of Canada and all products are Kosher certified. Canfisco was established in 1906 and have been an industry leader in fresh and frozen products since inception.

Key Contact: Dar Brinham


Phone: (604) 669-3741 

4. Calvins and Burke LTD. 

With over 90 years of experience, Calvins and Burke is a leader in providing food products to major retail and foodservice distributors throughout the world, under their customers' labels as well as their own.

Key Contact: Fraser Rieche


Phone: (604) 669-3741 

5. Coldfish Seafood Co. 

Coldfish is a boutique fishing company located in Richmond, BC, with vast experience that provides products and packaging services to the foodservice industry.

Key Contact: Zahir Akbanie


Phone: (604) 671-9935 

6. Finest at Sea

Leading provider of the finest quality seafood on the West Coast of BC.  All of their products are 100% wild, and caught by their own fishermen through sustainable fishing practices. 


Phone: (250) 383-7764

7. French Creek Seafood

Established in 1991, French Creek Seafoods is a private and family-owned fisher company. Distinguished for being a “hands on” company, French Creek Seafoods takes pride in delivering both fresh and frozen products all over the world.

Key Contact: Brad McLean


Phone: (250) 248-7100

8. Lion’s Gate Fisheries 

Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd, located on the Fraser River in Delta and Tofino on the Pacific coast, harvests, farms, processes and wholesales the highest quality sustainable seafood from Canada’s abundant West Coast and worldwide.

Key Contact: Todd Waterfield


Phone: 1 (800) 663-1803

9. Sea Fresh Fish LTD. 

Sea Fresh Fish is managed by a family of commercial fishermen who now operate a fleet of salmon gillnet boats, a processing plant, and their own smokehouses.

Key Contact: Darrel McEchern 


Phone: (604) 463-9216 

10. Scarlet Point Seafood

Scarlet Point Seafood is a commercial buyer of Wild Salmon, Roe Herring, Halibut, Rockfish, Pilchards, and Prawns. The company is located at the tip of Vancouver Island in Port Hardy and purchases directly from fishers.

Key Contact: Linda Passmore

Phone: 250-949-6630

11. Sundance Seafood 

From its humble beginnings, Sundance Seafoods has built a brand with a passion and an attention to detail, ensuring the highest quality possible. Adhering to these higher standards, their fishers properly handle, clean or dress the fish then deliver them in a timely manner; all necessary in order to bear their brand of West Coast Select.

Key Contact: Mike Denike 


Phone: (604) 576-7445] 

12. S.M Products 

Since its establishment in 1974, SM Products has become one of the largest processors, buyers, and marketers of Wild Pacific Halibut in North America. SM Products prides itself on operating one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world by working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission.

Key Contact: Blake Tipton


Phone: (604) 946-7665 

13. The Seafood Club

Key Contact: James Hillborn


Phone: (604) 537-6073

14. Walcan Seafood 

Early on, Walcan earned a stellar reputation for their top quality fresh and frozen salmon. They are now one of the leading producers of wild sockeye, chum and pink salmon in British Columbia and the Walcan brand name is highly regarded internationally as well.

Key Contact: Rob Eastland 


Phone: (250) 285-3361

15. World Wide Seafoods

World Wide Seafoods is one of the leading producers of quality seafood in the Pacific Northwest. The company is family operated and was established in 1997 in Vancouver.

Key Contact: Chris Heras

Phone: 604-738-5545

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