Much of the BC halibut fishery success is owed to the Pacific Halibut Management Association (PHMA). Visit the PHMA website here: 


The PHMA is an industry association focused on the sustainable management of the Pacific Halibut resource in Canada and representing the industry with stakeholders from other groups and internationally in negotiations with the USA / Alaska.  


BC commercial halibut fishers include fishing families up and down the coast, with a greater than 25% participation with first peoples due to the PICFI programme.  


The PHMA has invested heavily in fisheries management science, halibut and rockfish surveys and assessments, scientific stock models, and working to ensure the latest technology for management and monitoring is utilized by the commercial halibut fleet so that all halibut and bycatch are properly tracked and managed. 


The work of the PHMA is very important to ensuring sustainable access to halibut today and into the future, managing the resource for future generations and stakeholders.  


No other stakeholder group invests nearly as much in the sustainable management and monitoring of Pacific Halibut in Canada, and this great work is needed but also expensive.  


SeafoodX would like to thank all conservation minded commercial fishers who support the PHMA through voluntary funding.  


Also, a long list of conservation minded fish buyers and processors support the science and management efforts of the PHMA.

We would like to list them here and thank them for their support: 


1. 7Seas  

Founded in 1967, over the years 7Seas has grown to be a vertically integrated seafood company, with vessels, licenses, facilities, and restaurants. 

Key Contact: Nick Heras 


Phone: (604) 247-1266 


2. Aero Trading 

Established in 1978, Aero Trading is now one of the most diversified wild seafood buyers and processors on the B.C. Coast. Their dedication and service to fishermen and their customer base has allowed them to grow and remain successful in the industry. 

Key Contact: Brad Mirau 


Phone: (250) 802-3024 

3. Albion Fisheries Ltd. 

Established in 1963, Albion Fisheries Ltd. is Western Canada’s largest seafood distributor with over 3,500 delicious products sourced from all over the world. Known for delivering freshness to restaurateurs and retailers who demand the best, Albion Fisheries is also the founding member of the Ocean Wise sustainable seafood program. 

Key Contact: David Hounsel 


Phone: (250) 631-9548 


4. Canadian Fishing Company 

Canfisco is a Vancouver based, fully-integrated fishery products organization. The company is the largest packer of canned salmon in all of Canada and all products are Kosher certified. Canfisco was established in 1906 and have been an industry leader in fresh and frozen products since inception.

Key Contact: Dar Brinham 


Phone: (604) 669-3741 

5. CB Island Fisheries Ltd. 

Based in Masset BC, CB Island Fisheries LTD is a recognized leader in Salmon and Halibut buying.  

Key Contact: Al Frick 


Phone: (604) 626-7700 

6. Coldfish Seafood Co.  

Coldfish is a boutique fishing company located in Richmond, BC, with vast experience that provides products and packaging services to the foodservice industry. 

Key Contact: Zahir Akbanie 


Phone: (604) 671-9935  

7. French Creek Seafood Ltd. 

Established in 1991, French Creek Seafoods is a private and family-owned fisher company. Distinguished for being a “hands on” company, French Creek Seafoods takes pride in delivering both fresh and frozen products all over the world. 

Key Contact: Brad McLean 


Phone: (250) 248-7100

8. Gold River Seafood Ltd.

Gold River Seafood Ltd. is a privately held, 100% Canadian owned company that specializes in the supply of high quality seafood products sourced from the waters of the Pacific Rim.

Key Contact: Walter Simpson 


Phone: (604) 560-6443 


9. North Delta Seafoods Ltd.  

At North Delta Seafoods, we fully support sustainable fishing strategies to ensure the preservation and viability of our resource for the future. Our strict adherence to employ only sustainable fishing practices in highly regulated fisheries fosters our accountability to our natural environment. 

And at North Delta Seafoods, our tradition of fishing in the cool waters of the North Pacific also guarantees our commitment to provide only the freshest and most natural wild seafood products to our customers worldwide. Our detailed chain of custody makes us accountable to deliver excellence in quality from the fishing fleet and processing plant to packaging and final delivery to the customer. 

Key Contact: Chris Wick 


Phone: (604) 970-9425 

10. Organic Ocean Seafood Inc. 

Organic Ocean was established by independent West Coast fishermen who felt a balance had to be struck between their traditional way of life and the impact on the fisheries. By adopting sustainable and environmentally responsible harvesting practices, they provide the finest seafood to those who care about what they eat and who want to ensure the long term health of the resource for the benefit of future generations. 

Key Contact: Bob McKay 

Phone: (604) 862-7192 


11. Scarlet Point Seafood 

Scarlet Point Seafood is a commercial buyer of Wild Salmon, Roe Herring, Halibut, Rockfish, Pilchards, and Prawns. The company is located at the tip of Vancouver Island in Port Hardy and purchases directly from fishers. 

Key Contact: Linda Passmore 

Phone: (250) 949-6630 


12. S.M. Products Ltd.  

Since its establishment in 1974, SM Products has become one of the largest processors, buyers, and marketers of Wild Pacific Halibut in North America. SM Products prides itself on operating one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world by working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission. 

Key Contact: Blake Tipton 


Phone: (604) 946-7665  


13. Ten Point Enterprises Ltd. 

Ken Takeda has a long history of being involved in the BC commercial fishery and buying halibut, salmon, sable fish, and other seafood products from local fishers.  

Key Contact: Ken Takeda 


Phone: (604) 324-7455 

Thank you to all the commercial fishers, local communities, fish buyers and processors who support the PHMA and our shared goals of sustainability, accountability, and sound resource and habitat management.