There are many great local fish buying companies in BC.

They all have slightly different markets, operating models, and species focuses. And, they work together sometimes, and compete other times.

To help fishermen navigate the different fish buying companies in BC, we have compiled a list of the top buyers, with some information on markets, specialization, and key contacts.

Working with a number of companies, depending on your fisheries and season, can be a great approach to helping with industry and market information, networking, getting a good price, etc.

Here is the list of BC fish buyers, in alphanumeric ordering:

1  -  7 Seas

Founded in 1967, over the years 7Seas has grown to be a vertically integrated seafood company, with vessels, licences, facilities, and restaurants.

Key Contact: Nick Heras

Phone: Toll free at 1-866-261-1266

2  -  10 Point

no website

Run by Ken Takeda, who has strong networks in the Japanese market but also globally, 10 Point is focused primarily on salmon and sablefish, but also active in other markets too. Ken is very competitive and if you call him up, he’ll offer a price for your fish in a short amount of time.

Key Contact: Ken Takeda

Phone: 604-324-7455

3  -  Aero Trading

Aero Trading is a larger fish buyer active in many fisheries including salmon, herring, halibut, tuna, sablefish, etc.

Key Contact: Brad Mirau

Phone: 604-327-6331

4  -  Albion

Established in 1963, Albion is one of the largest fully integrated seafood and meat suppliers in Western Canada. From their family to your table Albion focuses on an enhanced customer experience and coast to coast one-truck distribution. Albion is also the founding member of Ocean Wise: a sustainable seafood program.

Key Contact: David Hounsell

Phone: 1-800-661-0071

5  -  Canadian Fishing Company (Canfisco)

Canfisco is a Vancouver based, fully-integrated fishery products organization. The company is the largest packer of canned salmon in all of Canada and all products are Kosher certified. Canfisco was established in 1906 and have been an industry leader in fresh and frozen products since inception.

Key Contact: Chris Cue

Phone: 604-681-0211

6  -  CB Island Fisheries

no website

CB Island Fisheries is privately held fishery based out of Vancouver. The company is classified as a Fish Broker.

Key Contact: David Calkins - President

Phone: 604-669-3741

7  -  Coldfish Seafood Company

Coldfish Seafood is a boutique fishing company located in Richmond BC Canada. After years of experience, customer worldwide recognize Coldfish as a top leader in the industry for live, fresh, and frozen seafood.

Phone: 1-888-989-8789

8  -  French Creek Seafoods

Established in 1991, French Creek Seafoods is a private and family-owned fisher company. Distinguished for being a “hands on” company, French Creek Seafoods takes pride in delivering both fresh and frozen products all over the world.

Key Contact: Brad McLean

Phone: 250-248-2888

9  -  Hub City Fisheries

No website

Hub City Fisheries started in 1980 when Roger Paquette combined his love for seafood and fishing with his interest for the industry. The company is has been a friend and partner of Thrifty’s for nearly 35 years.

Key Contact: Roger Paquette

Phone: 250-753-4135

10  -  North Delta Seafoods

North Delta Seafoods owns vessels, licenses, and quotas, and maintains key working relationships with fishermen who also offer the highest qualifications and commitment to the resource. 

Key Contact: Chris Wick

Phone: 604-582-8268

11  -  Pacific Group Seafoods

Since 1941 Pacific Group Seafoods has harvested, processed, and distributed only the highest-quality seafood. The company’s guiding principles are sustainability, traceability, quality assurance, vertical integration, protecting the oceans and Earth, and stewardship.

Key Contact: Dave Dawson

Phone: 503-905-4500

12  -  RBS Seafoods

RBS Seafoods has been harvesting seafood using dive, trap and troll methods, just off the coast of British Columbia, for over 30 years. RBS products include sea cucumbers, green sea urchin, red sea urchin, spot prawns, albacore tuna, and black cod.

Key Contact: Will Strong

Phone: 1-800-383-6410

13  -  Scarlet Point Seafood

no website

Scarlet Point Seafood is a commercial buyer of Wild Salmon, Roe Herring, Halibut, Rockfish, Pilchards, and Prawns. The company is located at the tip of Vancouver Island in Port Hardy and purchases directly from fishers.

Key Contact: Linda Passmore

Phone: 250-949-6630

14  -  SM Products

Since its establishment in 1974, SM Products has become one of the largest processors, buyers, and marketers of Wild Pacific Halibut in North America. SM Products prides itself on operating one of the most sustainable fisheries in the world by working closely with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Food and Drug Administration, and the International Pacific Halibut Commission.

Key Contacts: Blake Tipton & Rob Kaczynski

Phone: 604-946-7665

14  -  World Wide Seafoods

World Wide Seafoods is one of the leading producers of quality seafood in the Pacific Northwest. The company is family operated and was established in 1997 in Vancouver.

Key Contact: Chris Heras

Phone: 604-738-5545

Other buyers and processing companies in the BC Commercial Fishery industry:

If you know of any other fish buyers or processors that we're missing, please let us know and we'll update this list. Thank you.