Since launching SeafoodX, we have had a quite a bit of feedback from BC fishers and BC fish companies, giving us ideas and feedback for the website and service.  

Feedback has been: 

Feedback #1 – "You should allow the leasing and purchasing of quota, licences, licences with quota, vessels, equipment, etc." 

This is good feedback, and we have enabled the bidding and renting on temporary quota, permanent quota, and leasing licences. There are still a few things to do here, but this is on our product roadmap and we’ll be adding and enhancing these features in the near future. 

Also, some items like vessels and equipment work better for a more traditional “classifieds” style approach, and so we created the “BC Commercial Fishing BUY/SELL/TRADE” Facebook Group. You should join if you haven’t already.

Only BC fishers can join

Link here: 

Feedback #2 – "You should allow us to post quota that we need, and we’ll offer a price." 

Great feedback. We have enabled this. You can now post quota you need with an offer price. 

Feedback #3 -  "I am away out fishing when some bid requests expire, so this doesn’t work the best for me." 

This is very important feedback that we are taking very seriously.

Some things we have done to fix this issue, and some things we’re still working on. For example, we are soon going to be limiting duration of bid requests, so they aren't super long running.   

This will hopefully help, but we have other ideas too, like if you’re the winning bidder but are away fishing, the transaction fee can be setup to automatically be paid for. Also, we’re looking into using SMS Texts to notify users of new bids, new bid requests, etc. 

And ...

New Feature ->   Private Offer Now      This new feature allows someone to make an offer on the listing now, and it needs to be above current bid, and the quota owner has 48 hours to consider this private offer now and accept it or not. This is for fishers who need the quota sooner. 

See below, with a link under the bid area that says "Click Here To Make An Offer" and this allows you to make a private offer to the quota lister, and they'll have 48 hours to accept your offer. 

Example Screen Shot 1 -

See below, by clicking that link, you'll be presented with the ability to place a private "offer now" amount, at least 5% above the current bid. When putting in your offer now amount, the bid request will stay on the site as per usual, but an email is sent to the quota holder with what you are offering and good for 48 hours. 

Example Screen Shot 2 -

This is a new feature, and so any usability issues or feedback super appreciated. We tested it, and it works fine, but still a new feature so feedback appreciated.   :^)

I guess, all this to say, SeafoodX is being used more and more, fishers are giving us great feedback, and we’re here to improve the website and service, make it better for you the commercial BC fisher, and we appreciate all the support we’ve received to date. 

Any questions and feedback, we're here to help and always just an email away:  

Thank you.