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Fun Yelloweye Rockfish Facts That Will Knock You Off Your Feet!

The yelloweye rockfish is the world’s longest-lived fish species and is prized for its delicious ...

Carly Paracholski
Oct 25

Thank You for Supporting the Pacific Halibut Management Association (PHMA)

Another Halibut fishing season is soon upon us, open March 24th. Many fishing crews in communitie...

Carly Paracholski
Feb 20

14 (or 15) Facts You Didn’t Know About Sablefish

Sablefish, a highly lucrative commercial fishery and highly sought after dinner item at high-end ...

Peter DeGreef
Sep 22

Insights and Analysis of BC Halibut and the Fishery

With the start of the halibut season in British Columbia (Mid-March to Mid-November), seafood lov...

Juan Orrego
May 02

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