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We are 100% committed to building and supporting an equitable and inclusive fisheries marketplace in British Columbia. We work towards all participants having equal rights and access to opportunities on the SeafoodX marketplace.

SeafoodX realizes that not all industry participants are formidable with technology, and so beyond our normal customer support efforts, we are providing a premium service to marketplace participants, including:

Understanding your fishing goals and trading needs to develop a support strategy for your operations

Help in profile setup, marketplace on-boarding, and account optimization

Working with you on price optimization strategies for your listings

Working with you on bid strategies for licenses and quota you’re needing

The goal of our concierge service is to help broaden the user base of the SeafoodX marketplace and ensure widespread access to all who participate in the BC Commercial Fishery.

We have limited spots in our concierge service and it’s offered on a first come first serve basis until our service capacity is reached.

Pricing varies based on user needs, with the base price for concierge service starting at:

$1,500 per year

Independent Fishermen

$4,000 per year

Fishing Companies

To inquire about the concierge service, if it might be right for you, and more precise pricing, please contact us at either: