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Creating an Account

What do I get from creating an account?

With your free account, you will get access to the online marketplace and be able to participate in both:

  1. leasing your excess quota and/or licenses, and
  2. place bids on any available quota and/or licenses.

What personal information do I need to provide?

To get started, we only need your full name, business name, email address, and phone number. If you go on to add a listing, you will need to provide additional information such as vessel name and license type, when applicable.

Note that all personal information you share with SeafoodX is kept confidential. The only time we will share your contact details is in the exchange of contact information between the leaser and winning bidder.

How do I create an account?

Head to our registration page and enter your required information, it only takes a few minutes.

How much does it cost to sign up?

Creating an account is 100% free. With your free account your are able to see current market prices, place bids, lease temporary quota, sell permanent quota, lease licenses, and manage your account. In order to complete the transfer of license or temporary/permanent quota when there is a winning bidder, the winning bidder must pay a 2.5% transaction fee.

Adding a listing

How do I add a listing?

First, you need to create your free account if you haven’t already. Once you are logged in, you’ll see “Create Listing” in the top navigation menu. You can access this anytime in order to add a new listing.

Before you can add species, you will be asked to add your license type, license number, and the year. Vessel name will also be required for leasing licenses.

How long can I post a listing for?

How long your bid request is available to accept bids is up to you as long as it is before your license expiry date! You choose the end date of your bid request upon creation of the listing.

If you need change the end date on your listing, you can always change it on the listing’s edit page.

What species am I able to lease?

You are able to lease all species that are available under valid licenses issued from the Pacific DFO. If you are don’t see a particular species on SeafoodX, please contact our support team and we will resolve the problem as quickly as possible.

What does “Lease it Now” and "Buy it Now" mean?

Lease-it-Now is an optional instant lease price that you are willing to accept on temporary quota and license rentals. Similarly, Buy-it-now is an optional instant purchase price that you are willing to accept on permanent quota. Your listing will still have the option to accept bids, but if a bidder uses the Lease-it-Now or Buy-it-now option the bidding process will end and the transaction process will begin.

Is there a posting limit on SeafoodX?

There is no listing limit on SeafoodX. List away!

What if I don’t like the bids I receive?

You are not obligated to accept the highest bid once the bid request ends.

We want you to feel comfortable with listing your quota or licenses on SeafoodX.

What do I do when someone wins?

There are two scenarios for someone winning a bid request. Either you will have accepted the highest bidder or the bidder will use the Lease-it-Now/Buy-it-now option. Once one of these occurs, an email will be sent out to the bidder requesting that they pay the transaction fee for the process to move forward.

Once the highest bidder receives confirmation that they have won the bid, they have 48 hours to pay the transaction fee. If they fail to do so, their bid will be revoked.

It is not until the transaction fee is paid in full that the contact details are exchanged. The transfer of quota and/or license happens offline and you can collect in your usual method at the time of transfer, as agreed between both parties.

Placing Bids

What species am I able to bid on?

SeafoodX supports the listing of all species in the BC commercial fishery, however, the species available at any given time is dependent on other fishermen and companies and what they have listed in the marketplace.

See our list of all species in the BC commercial fishery that we support on SeafoodX. Head to the marketplace to see what is currently available for bidding on.

What happens if I get outbid?

We will send you automatic email notifications each time another participant outbids you, and provide a link to the auction. You can choose whether or not you want to bid again.

Can I retract a bid?

Yes. From your dashboard, you can access my bids and view all bids you have active and their current status. If you no longer wish to be in the running to win a bid, click “Revoke” in order to retract your current bid. This means the next highest bidder will now take the lead.

You cannot undo this action, but you can simply bid again if you change your mind.

What do I have to do if I have the winning bid?

There are two scenarios where you will have the winning bid. Either:

  1. your bid is highest and the leaser accepts it, or
  2. you use the Lease-it-Now/Buy-it-Now option to instantly win the bid request.

After one of these occurs, you will receive an email requesting a service fee payment for the process to move forward.

Once you receive confirmation that you have won the bid, you will have 48 hours to pay the transaction fee. If you fail to do so, your bid will be revoked.

It is not until the transaction fee is paid in full that the contact details are exchanged. The transfer of quota and/or license happens offline and you can collect in your usual method at the time of transfer, as agreed between both parties.

Payment and Transfer

How does the transfer of licenses or quota work?

The transfer of quota and/or license happens offline and you can collect in your usual method at the time of transfer, as agreed between both parties.

What if I don’t pay the transaction fee?

There is a 48 hour time period to pay the transaction fee. If it isn’t paid, the accepted bid will be dropped and the bid request will be relisted.

What if I pay the transaction fee but my offline transfer does not go through?

You will be able to dispute the offline transfer through your transaction page. Once a dispute is created, our support team will look into the issue to resolve it as soon as possible. If we find that the transaction in fact did not go through, we will return your transaction fee payment.

Security and Worthiness

Is SeafoodX safe to use?

We take pride in SeafoodX’s security. We use standardized methods and applications to ensure the safety of our users.

We confirm every user and business that signs up for SeafoodX. If anyone tries to cheat the system, they are removed from the site.

What do the badges mean?

There are two badges that you are able to earn: the SeafoodX Verified and SeafoodX Trusted badges.

SeafoodX Verified

The SeafoodX Verified badge is given to users that have been contacted by our support team to ensure that they are not impersonating another person.

SeafoodX Trusted

The SeafoodX Trusted badge is given to leasers that complete 3 or more successful transactions on SeafoodX.

Thank you for your interest in SeafoodX.

We are the first-ever online marketplace for the exchange of fisheries quota and licenses.

How does it work?

How does it work?

We are an anonymous bidding system for the secure and fair exchange of licenses and/or quota.

Why did this start?

Why did this start?

To provide equitable and fair market prices for all. A central marketplace also saves time for the industry.

Who is involved?

Who is involved?

We encourage everyone in the community to participate: independent fishers, companies and First Nations.

What does it cost?

What does it cost?

Creating an account, listing and bidding is free. A transaction fee of 2.5% is charged to the successful bidder.

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