James DeGreef

James is an accomplished web businessman with a history in the BC commercial fishing industry. His family has been fishing in BC since 1954 and he is now keen to help lead the new SeafoodX market place to support BC fishing. 

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List of Fish Buyers in BC Commercial Fishing Industry

To help fishermen navigate the different fish buying companies in BC, we have compiled a list of ...

James DeGreef
Mar 14

BC Halibut and Other Fish Prices and Quota Prices Down Considerably in 2018

The last three years of fish prices on the BC coast have been great. It has been really record br...

James DeGreef
May 07

Welcome to SeafoodX

SeafoodX is a new online marketplace for BC commercial fishing. We aspire for the site to be easy...

James DeGreef
Feb 16

New Updates to SeafoodX to Enable an Open and Accessible Marketplace For BC Fishers

New updates to SeafoodX website based on user feedback. We appreciate all the interest and suppor...

James DeGreef
Jun 29